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TFK's Trevor McNevan - The That's Awesome Show Podcast
Saturday, December 31, 2011
Source: Rob Blausey  |  Viewed: 3489
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This week we have Trevor on the show, front man of Thousand Foot Krutch. I talked with Trevor about the KickStarter project to UFC fights and his thoughts on the Christian music industry and  so much more.

Did I mention to Be sure to follow me on Twitter at … @RobsAwesomeShow, you’ll get updates about the show and my random thoughts throughout the week.

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- Rob

About Rob Blausey
Rob as been in the radio industry for over 10 years with a focus of mostly talk radio.   He has been the official CMSpin artist interviewer since 2004 talking with Christian artists throughout the industry.  His interview transcripts and video interviews can be found right here at CMSpin.  You can follow Rob on Twitter at @RobsAwesomeShow

About the That's Awesome Show
The That’s Awesome Show is Rob's brainchild and has been created to help fans relate to the bands or artists in the industry.  No cookie cutter questions here as Rob tends to go all over the place with his thoughts and questions.  Expect fun questions, real questions and unexpected responses from those he interviews.


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