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Scarlet Fade Releases Three New Christmas Songs
Friday, November 20, 2009
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What began as a group of teen musicians with a fresh, energetic sound has quickly taken the regional music scene by storm, and this Christmas, Scarlet Fade is urging people to 'Make a Difference."

The group just released three new Christmas songs. They will perform them along with other Christmas classics at a series of free concerts.  Dates and locations are not yet confirmed, but will be published on their website soon.

The three new songs, Be With You, Make a Difference, and Beautiful are shining examples of Scarlet Fade's passion, energy, and pure talent.  These soulful songs focus on the true meaning of Christmas and the importance of being connected with the ones you love during the season while reaching out to those in need.  These songs are sure to find a place in the hearts of many this Christmas season.

"These songs are really the musical expression of what's in our hearts.  Too many people think that they can't make the difference because of their past or their present situations or failures.  We want to encourage people to not let that hold them back from all that is in store for their lives. Don't let it pass you by without saying that you've made a difference in someone's life," said Jordan, the band's guitar player.

The power behind Scarlet Fade comes from four siblings- Ali, Jordan, Jaimee, and Jake. Their rock/pop style has been influenced by bands like Switchfoot, NeedtoBreathe, The Elms, Flyleaf, and The Beatles.

With a grass-roots local presence, the band has consistently won awards for performance and songwriting, and has shared the stage with other legends like Switchfoot, Lifehouse, Copeland, NeedtoBreathe, Superchick, Peter Tork (from The Monkees), and others.

Much of their music draws its inspiration from personal life experience, faith, and the desire to give people a hope for the future. Many have defined their music as inspirational.  The secret to their success remains Scarlet Fade's ability to relate to their audience, blending the struggles of life into a high-energy, captivating stage show that has touched the hearts of an ever-expanding loyal fan base of all ages.

The name, Scarlet Fade, is inspired from the verse Isaiah 1:18 "though your sins are as scarlet, they shall be white as snow".

You can hear their new releases at www.ScarletFade.com

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