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    Hawk Nelson - Live Life Loud

Hawk Nelson - Live Life Loud
Monday, September 21, 2009
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Artist:  Hawk Nelson

Album:  Live Life Loud

Label:  BEC Recordings

Comments:  The four man band from Tooth & Nail Records called Hawk Nelson release their 4th major album called Live Life Loud.  My major complaint with Hawk Nelsonís new project is that when listening to it, time goes by way too fast.  The album is actually twelve full tracks around thirty minutes in length.  I guess what I am saying is that, if you only had thirty minutes to live, donít listen to this album because it will go by way to fast!

Seriously though, the album starts off fast with the title track Live Life Loud, which is definite treadmill song.  Later in the album one of my favorite songs is The Job.  Lead singer Jason Dunn sings about how he doesnít want the job, and the last line of song cracks me up.  Iíll let you listen to it yourself; I donít want to spoil the fun.  The second to last track is a classic hymn redone, Tis So Sweet.   Hawk Nelson did an incredible job, plus they used bagpipes!  Amazing.  I'd say this is another solid release from Hawk Nelson, one I very much enjoyed. 

Summary:  If you are a Hawk Nelson fan, you will not be disappointed.  If you like good fun rock music you will want to check it out. 

Style:  Rock

Track List:
01. Live Life Loud
02. Never Enough
03. Eggshells
04. Meaning Of Life
05. Alive
06. Ode To Lord Stanley
07. Long Ago
08. The Job
09. Shaken
10. Lest We Forget
11. Tis So Sweet
12. The Final Toast

Favorite Songs:  The Job, Never Enough, Tis So Sweet.

Overall:  8.9 out of 10

Site:  www.HawkNelson.com

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