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    Aaron Shust - Whispered and Shouted

Aaron Shust - Whispered and Shouted
Saturday, October 20, 2007
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Artist:  Aaron Shust


Album Name: Whispered and Shouted

:  Brash

:   Shust’s offering includes solid guitar driven tracks with adequate mixing and moderately creative sounds.  This album gets a A + for standing for what Aaron stands for…. worship.    He is thoughtful, introspective while being “Godtrospective” and delivers it all with clarity.     The work is sometimes pop, sometimes rock maybe appealing to both fans, maybe losing some.   I have listening for the next, “My Savior, My God” and have not found it, but that might not be fair given the unbelievable success and impact that that song had on audiences… Give Me Words to Speak?    How can I not love a Pittsburgh guy who went to a C&MA school?

: Rock/ Pop/ Worship


Release number:  2


Charity supported: N/A


Songs (with song rating):

            1. Long Live The King  - (7 of 10)

            2. Like I Never Felt Before  - (8 of 10)

            3. Create Again  -  (7 of 10)

            4. Watch Over Me  - (8 of 10)

            5. Give Me Words to Speaks  - (10 of 10)

            6. Life Itself  - (9 of 10)

            7. The Name of Jesus  - (8 fo 10)

            8. I will Wait  - (7 of 10)

            9. Runaway - (8 of 10)

            10. Can’t Hide from Your Love  - (8 of 10)

            11. Come to Me - (8 of 10)

            12. Worthy/Let All I Do - (9 of 10)


Worshipful:  10 of 10


Favorite songs:  Give Me Words to Speak, Life Itself


Overall:  8.08  (Average of song score)

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