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    Anberlin - Cities

Anberlin - Cities
Tuesday, February 20, 2007
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Anberlin - Cities
(Tooth and Nail, 2007)

Band Bio: Influenced by everyone from Depeche Mode to The Smiths to the Ramones to Metallica, Anberlin as we know it created its own club scene along with hometown friends, Copeland and Underoath, but really gelled with the addition of Young, a protégé drummer and John Bonham devotee. The gents assumed their moniker and got serious. “One day we decided this is what we want to do with our lives,” Christian says succinctly. “Cities” is the next evolutionary step proving yet again that Anberlin are more committed to their original goals now more than ever.

The CD: This is Florida based band rocks start to finish with interesting, yet sometimes obscure lyrics (although improved over last offerings).    One positive is the nice mixture of a variety of interesting sounds, and improved vocal performance

1.) Debut – Collection of urban sounds
2.) Godspeed – Speedy, anthem tune
3.) Adelaide – Nice guitar solo punctuates the middle
4.) A Whisper & a Clamor – Nice harmonies, catchy driving
5.) Unwinding Cable Car – Acoustic ballad
6.) There is No Mathematics to Love and Loss
7.) Hello Alone - Driving beat covered with smooth lyrics
8.) Alexithymia – Repeat of ‘silent scream motif
9.) Reclusion – Synthesizer riffs weave between punches
10.) Inevitable – Screech…. Bring is way down!  This might get some significant radio play
11.) Dismantle. Repair – On last gasp of punkish beats and interwoven emotion
12.) (*FIN) -  Sad goodbye

Final Recommendation: A good portion of this one in fresh, but it starts to sound redundant until the last three tracks.   I recommend the listen especially for adults.

Band's Web Site:  http://www.anberlin.com/

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