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    Relient K – Five Score and Seven Years Ago

Relient K – Five Score and Seven Years Ago
Saturday, February 03, 2007
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Relient K – Five Score and Seven Years Ago

The CD
Five CD’s in seven years makes for a busy career for Ohio band called Relient K.  Five Score and Seven Years Ago hits streets in March, 6th 2007 in what is clearly the best yet for Relient K.  Hiding under the radar, Relient K has racked up three consecutive gold albums with the last coming in 2004 with mmhmm.  The bands known for its unique vocals, sense of humor and social lyrics wrapped up in a great rock/punk package.

Five Score and Seven Years Ago is full of great songs starting off with a mini conspiracy version of the death of President Lincoln to an epic tale of a very sick man with a sense of humor and a hope for his future.  The band even threw in a song that’s title takes longer to say than the song itself takes to play. 

The CD is huge, sporting fourteen tracks with one great song after another.  Deathbed in my opinion is the best song on the CD.  Unfortunately, you probably won’t hear this one on the radio any time soon.  Deathbed, which is over eleven minutes long, is a story of a man’s life in which his bad habits have taken their toll on his body.  Jon Foreman of Switchfoot even makes an appearance in this fabulous song. 

1. Plead The Fifth
2. Come Right Out and Say It
3. I Need You
4. The Best Thing
5. Forgiven
6. Must Have Done Something Right
7. Give
8. Devastation And Reform
9. Im Taking You With Me
10. Faking My Own Suicide
11. Crayon Can Melt On Us For All I Care
12. Bite My Tongue
13. Up and Up
14. Deathbed (11 plus minutes long)

Final Recommendation
Five Score and Seven Years Ago  is the best Rock/Punk CD to hit the streets this year.  Relient K continues excel in their craft making this CD a ‘must get’ for rock fans worldwide. 

Relient K:
Web Site: http://www.relientk.com

Label: Gotee/Capitol Records

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