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Switchfoot Shows Escalating Excitement For OH! GRAVITY.
Saturday, November 25, 2006
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Rave reviews of the current tour from multi-platinum band Switchfoot are preceding the much-anticipated release of the San Diego rock act’s sixth studio album, OH! GRAVITY. The project hits stores nationwide December 26.

“Switchfoot wasted no time in rocking a capacity crowd in Chicago by opening with their hit ‘Stars’ in a show that left audience members shredded, but wanting more,” writes Unrated magazine. “The current tour started as an 8 city mission to thank their fans for continued support and to expose them to some new material. Consequently, because of the fan demand, they're in the midst of a 30 city tour with many dates selling out.”

Other Switchfoot concert features are posted at Lumino and Lancaster Intelligencer Journal.

Watch the band’s new video for the single “Oh! Gravity.” and pre-order the OH! GRAVITY. album (with exclusive bonus tracks) at www.Switchfoot.com.

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