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Flicker Records
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Contact Information:

Flicker Records
301 Mallory Station Road, STE 200
Franklin, TN 37067



About Flicker Records:

is a label designed with ministry in mind. Ministry begets ministry as 3 college friendships developed into a successful Christian rock band, Audio Adrenaline. After 14 years of friendship, touring and a deepened desire to impact the Christian music industry; Audio Adrenaline members Mark Stuart, Bob Herdman, and Will McGinniss began what is now known as FlickerRecords.com.

Artist run label, FlickerRecords.com, is based on the scripture Matthew 5:16:

“Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”

Spreading a flicker of God’s light is the basis not only of a previously recorded Audio Adrenaline song entitled “Flicker”; it is the sole purpose of the record label FlickerRecords.com. Each artist that represents FlickerRecords.com does and will have the same approach to ministry that the label has already embraced; reaching today’s youth with the gospel and sharing God’s love through music by first developing a relationship that opens the door to their heart.

FlickerRecords.com is a vision founded and developed by Mark, Bob and Will. When time came to choose a person to share in a vision and run FlickerRecords.com, there was only one decision that seemed obvious; a member of the band would need to run the label. After over a year of discussion and prayer, Bob Herdman came off the road to run FlickerRecords.com. Bob will take some time off touring with Audio Adrenaline, but still remains a founding member and a writer of the group. Although he misses his time out on the road, his vision is for FlickerRecords.com.

The meaning behind dot COM at the end of FlickerRecords is due to Bob’s pursuit of the Internet, technology and its continued growth. Moving along with growth the web site is geared toward the A&R department of the label. An unsigned artist seeking a recording contract with FlickerRecords.com can access the site and make available any recordings to be critiqued/listened to by record label personnel as well as Internet users. A “battle of the bands” type atmosphere provided by FlickerRecords.com, will result in a record label on the cutting edge of music culture.

In December 1999, FlickerRecords.com signed a distribution agreement with EMI/Chordant distribution and officially opened its doors as an independent record label on January 1, 2000. Recording for its debut artist, Riley Armstrong, began in summer of 1999, with the first release of the label on March 14, 2000. Bob Herdman is sitting at the helm while Mark and Will head up the A&R department. Hiring the first employees began in January of 2000 and the label is continuing to grow.


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