Keyboards - Musical InstrumentsKeyboards and Synthesizers are making a come back in the music industry and having the right equipment is important.  Check out the top brands at Music Products Central.   Brands such as Arranger, Casio, Yamaha, Korg and Alesis.


Yamaha Keyboards

Keyboard Amps

Keyboard Brands
There are many different brands of pure electronic keyboards on the market at various different price points.  Casio tends to specialize in the casual enthusiast keyboarder while Korg and Kurzweil are for more professional use.  For best performance, a MIDI signals keyboard is what you will want to select.  MIDI is the standard format for digital electronic instruments.

General Keyboards
Kurzweil Keyboards

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Arranger Keyboards
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Synthesizers  Brands
Created in the 1960's, A synthesizer produces sounds using different frequencies by generating signals that are electronic.  The usefulness of a good synthesizer is to mimic sounds for many different instruments.  Synthesizers are often controlled by a piano style keyboard or have a keyboard built right in.  The following are the most popular brands for electronic synthesizers.

Korg Synthesizers
Alesis Synthesizers
Yamaha Synthesizers

Yamaha Digital Pianos
Korg Digital Pianos
Kurzweil Stage Pianos
Korg Workstations
Keyboards Amps & Stands & Benches
Keyboard amplifiers are different then other types of amps.  They are used to amplify synthesizers or stage pianos via a wide frequency range.  This includes low bass notes to very high pitches.  So a keyboard amp will require a deep bass speaker to gather the range.  Keyboard amplifiers tend to have the tone controls built in so make sure you get a true keyboard amp for use with a keyboard.  Not any amp will do.

Peavey Amps
Roland Amps
Yorkville Keyboard Amps
Motion Sound Keyboard Amps
Behringer Keyboard Amps

M-Audio Keyboard Controllers

Keyboard Stands
On-Stage Keyboard Stands
Keyboard Benches

Piano Benches
Music Folders
Piano Lamps
Accordions and Accessories
This free reed instrument called the accordion was invented in the early 1800's.   This box-shaped instrument of is at times called a squeezebox  It is proper to call someone who plays one an accordionist.   The advantage of an accordian is that one person can play what is essentially multiple instruments in one unit.

General Accordions
SofiaMari Piano Accordions
SofiaMari Button Accordions
SofiaMari Elite Accordions
SofiaMari Bass Piano Accordions

Musician's Gear Bass Accordions
Hohner Corona Accordions
Hohner Bravo Accordions
SofiaMari Leather Accordion Straps
Levy's Accordion Straps
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