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    About CMSpin -  The Christian Music News Source


Christian MusicChristian Music Spin (CMSpin) is a website created to provide quality Christian music news content for the Internet by allowing other web sites to syndicate its news.  Through content syndication, we reach over 300,000 unique visitors each month.  CMSpin also has CD Reviews, artist profiles, new release information, testimonies, interviews as well as the best in Internet radio and new release information.

CMSpin has served Christian music fans since 2002 and is on the cutting edge of the internet as it changes.  In 2003, a mobile edition of CMSpin was created allowing handheld devices to access music news and radio content.  Most recently, RSS support has been added for users using RSS readers. You can also access CMSpin on Google News as our news is now daily harvested by Google's news crawler.  Google News will allow our users to sign up for Google Alerts, sending our news to your email inbox every day. 

CMSpin, is a web site that reports on the Christian music industry.  It provides Christian music news via syndication through hundreds of web sites that share. 

1.) Christian music news updated each day. 
2.) The CCM Top 20 Chart provided by Bill and Dave Radio
3.) The latest CD reviews served up 'CMSpin Style" by quality reviewers.  We even give you the opportunity to chime in on what you think.
4.) Profiles and website links for artists, bands and record Labels.
5.) A release list so you know when the latest CD's will hit the stores.
6.) Over 600 music videos from today and yesterday all in one easy to find place.
7.) Testimonies from Christians that make the music this site follows.
8.) Mobile versions of CMSpin for Windows Mobile smart phones and iPhone/iPod Touch devices.
9.) Weekly email newsletter so you can stay informed about what's happening in the industry.
10.) Syndicated news content for other Christian music enthusiasts to provide our news right on their website.

And much more...

I personally challenge you to bookmark this site and give us a a few minutes each day this week to prove that www.cmspin.com is the premier news site for the Christian music industry.


Kevin K

Founder of Christian Music Spin (CMSpin)


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