Drums - Musical InstrumentsDrums and Percussion products from the best manufacturers.  Check out the drumsticks from Zildijian including Purple Dip Sticks.  They hold up really well for the beginner to the veteran.

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Drum Sets by Brand Electronic by Brand
A drum set or drum kit usually consists of five or six different pieces.  Using drum sticks or mallets to strike the drums causes the instruments vibration to broadcast the sound.  Pearl and Yamaha tend to be the more popular brands for those starting out. Electronic drums make their sound from electronic waveforms and not acoustic vibration.  Because of this, they tend to be more expensive than traditional drum sets and they only generate an approximation what traditional drum sets offer.
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Drumsticks and Accessories Mallets by Brand
Drum sticks have different shapes and sizes from the time to the barrel.  The tip of a drumstick is called the bead.  The tip is what strikes the drum and the shoulder is below the tip.  The shaft is the rest of the drumstick where you hold on. A percussion mallet is a drum stick but comes in specialized versions for bigger percussion instruments.  It's parts are similar to a traditional drumstick yet tends to have a different head or bead. 

Drum Accessories

Zildijian Drumsticks
Zildijian Purple Dip Sticks
Zildijian Signature Sticks


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Cymbals and Stands Bongos and Gongs
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Percussion Instruments

Drums, Drum Machines, Cowbell, Tambourines

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Zildjian Cymbals
Not many companies can claim they were started in the early 1600's but Zildjian can. This extremely popular cymbal company was founded in Istanbul and is one of the oldest companies in the world. In 2010 they merged with Vic Firth, Inc.  Zildjian cymbals tend to be cast bronze or sheet bronze material.

Zildjian Cymbal Packs
Zildijian Crash Cymbals
Zildijian Splash Cymbals
Zildijian Ride Cymbals
Zildijian Purple Dip Sticks


Zildijian Signature Sticks
General Cymbals

Sabian Cymbal Packs
Zildijian Hi-Hat Cymbals
Zildijian Drumsticks
Sabian Cymbals
This Canadian cymbal manufacturer is one of the top players in the cymbal market.  Found in 1981 by Robert Zildjian after a dispute with his brother Armand.  Sabian cymbals are of very high quality and often compared to the Zildijian brand.

Sabian Splash Cymbals
Sabian Dark Crash Cymbals
Sabian Cymbals
Sabian Cymbal Packs

Sabian Crash Cymbals
Sabian Concert Band Cymbals

Sabian Cymbal Packs
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Bongos and Stands
Bongos come from Cuba and are a percussion instrument made of open air drums attached to each other.  Most Bongos are simply played by using your hands and often go along with Cuban music.  Bongos produce a higher pitched sound than other drums like a Congo drum.  There are times a drum stick can be used with Bongos.

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Latin Percussion Stands

Congas and Stands
A tumbadora is another name for a Conga drum.  A conga drum is used in afro-Caribbean music and is the primary instrument in Rumba.   Salsa, Latin music and Reggaeton also use the conga drum.  Conga drum players are called congueros and this term started around the 1950's.

Travel Congas
Toca Congas
Schalloch Congas
Pearl Congas
Meinl Congas

Conga Bags
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Latin Percussion Congas
Timbales are also called pailas criollas but most rarely use that term.  They are a metal casing drum that was orginally invented in Cuba similar to the Bongos.  If you were to play a timbales, you would be called a timbalero.  Most of the time there are two Timbales mounted to a stand to play correctly.

Pearl Timbales

Percussion Instruments

Latin Percussion Timbales

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