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Are you a flutist, or a flautist? If you play the flute you may be both, depending on who you ask. “Flutist,” versus “flautist,” is a great source of debate among those who play the flute. The English language denotes the term as “flutist,” while British English prefers “flautist.” A flute is the earliest known musical instrument. Some of the first discoveries found the instrument made out of animal bones. The flute produces its sound when a stream of air moving across a hole in the instrument causes vibrations in the air over the hole.

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The saxophone is a musical instrument named for its creator: Adolphe Sax. Even though most saxophones are made from brass, they are still classified as a woodwind instrument. Like the clarinet, the saxophone uses a single-reed mouthpiece. Originally designed for use within a military band, saxophones today are popular in concert bands, jazz music, pop culture and even in the symphony orchestra.

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Sometimes overlooked by those outside the world of music, the bassoon is an instrument with character. Its distinctive baritone sound is often compared to that of a deep male voice. The bassoon is a non-transposing instrument in the double-reed family. It is featured prominently in symphony orchestras and concert bands. A quality bassoon can sell for over $20,000, a factor any musician must consider when choosing to play this instrument.

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The unique sound of an oboe makes it easily heard, even in large assemblies. The reason for this can be found in the design of the oboe’s conical bore. The oboe has a soprano range and is pitched in concert C. While the oboe finds its place in the symphony orchestra, some folk versions of the instrument have been paired with bagpipes in making original music together.

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The cor anglais, better known as the English horn, is neither English nor a horn. It is a double-reed, transposing instrument closely related to the oboe. With a pear-shaped bell, the English horn is much longer in length than the oboe. The instrument is pitched in F, which is a perfect fifth lower than that of the oboe, and the sound it produces is considerably more “mellow” than that of the oboe.

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A single-reed instrument, the clarinet was invented by Johann Christoph Denner. With more than a dozen variations, the clarinet is the largest family in the woodwind instruments category and they comprise the largest pitch range. Their name came from the Italian word Clarino, which was a type of trumpet, because the first clarinets had a tone similar to that of a trumpet.

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One of the smallest members of the woodwind family is the half-size flute, otherwise known as the piccolo. Now manufactured only in the key of C, the piccolo produces its sound an octave higher than written music. In a symphony orchestra, piccolo players are often given a Solo position.

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